Hawaii A+ Program Fees Increasing

This week I received a notice at my daughter’s After-School Plus (A-Plus) Program that there will be a monthly fee increase effective February 2011.  Pressured  by budget shortfalls, the State of Hawaii Department of Education voted in early November to increase the fees to keep the statewide program solvent.  Usually, a minor fee increase is not too much of a problem.  However, a 45% increase is a substantial amount.  Since 1996, one child in A-Plus cost a family $55 a month.  Beginning in February, the fee jumps to $80 for one child, $75 for a second child, and$70 for a third or subsequent child.

In an already tough economy, parents will have to find other ways to find care for their children or to tighten up their already strained family budgets to meet the new fee requirement.  For more information, click on the notice or call Ms. Janice Chong, Education  Specialist, Extended Learning Opportunities and Student Support Section at (808) 203-5510.