Waiting for the Lender to Evict You?

My first question is why?  Some homeowners are staying in their homes during the long, foreclosure process until someone forces them out.  They may be holding on to the thought of possibly saving their home, but in reality, saving it from the big, overbearing bank is inevitable.

Don’t despair! There is hope.  Hope that you may be able to start over in the near future, but a foreclosure will no doubtingly make things 100 times more difficult!  If you are in trouble, it’s OK to ask for help.  Ask plenty of questions so that you understand all the consequences of your current situation.

A professional real estate agent who either specializes only in short sales and lender sales, or perhaps an agent who is a general practitioner with Short Sale education and experience can help answer the questions to help determine if a short sale is for you.  In most cases, a short sale is better than waiting for the bank to take your home away.

If you need to inquire, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone or email me…. advice is always free!