Connected to the Military

I am a PROUD spouse of an U.S. Army Soldier!  Our family has been stationed at Wheeler Army Airfield in Central O’ahu, Hawaii for over 10 years.  We have loved our stay here so much that we plan on remaining here after the Army “commitment” comes to an end.

I am also a daughter of a career Army Special Forces Soldier.  I was born into the Army way of life, left it for awhile and eventually returned to it when my husband decided he also wanted to serve.  I am completely accustomed to this lifestyle, It is what I know and over time, I have learned to respect it as well.

Living this life has taught our family to have more patience, tolerance and loyalty to the country we love so much.  We also have learned skills to adapt in all sorts of situations; more quickly when duty separates the family for an extended period of time.  In the post 9/11 years, separation has happened more frequently than we have ever expected and it is an on-going process to adjust our personal lives for the sake of the Army’s overall mission.

How does this connection to the military apply to my real estate practice? Ninety percent of my business on O’ahu have been working with the military community. I am finding that my personal experiences are assisting other military families like ours whether they are searching for their island home or wanting to sell it.  With each family I work with, their personal real estate experience are also benefiting others.  There is no doubt that military families are unique, and they come with a unique set of challenges!


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